Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise


Yesterday, Big Sean graced us with his new album Dark Sky Paradise. I heard it earlier of course, because music gets leaked im always too impatient to wait, im a music enthusiast and I got the plug lmao. Firstly, I’m not even a fan of Big Sean. I have never heard a mix tape or album of Big Sean. I actually only hear his songs via TV/ Radio. I think of Big Sean as a little slow/corny, but catchy and flashy. I knew he had something though, because he’s signed with GOOD MUSIC.

This album changed my whole mindset of kid. I downloaded the album (no i didn’t buy it) and decided to listen and give it a chance. Me giving an artist a chance is really giving them a chance. I pause everything I’m doing and straight LISTEN. I either listen on a long train ride, in the shower or while cleaning my room. With Big Sean I listened while in the shower and while cleaning my room.

It was SO 🔥! Beginning to end— it was amazing! He had bars, nice collabs, awesome samples, clever skits, great production, great topics and all around Good Music! I couldn’t stop playing it. The whole fucking album was on repeat. He killed it and he won me over. He is definitely underrated and I can’t wait to see him grow some more.

So go check that out, and if you don’t like it, hey, you’re probably not human 😊. Nobody put me on to it, nobody told me to “go listen to it” ..I did it on my own and I’m happy I did.


BTW– not to compare, but to compare, it had more of an impact on me than Drake’s “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.” Album or Mix tape, I never thought anything Big Sean would be better than Drake. I don’t know if it was the content or just production but it was very smooth and non repetitive and had a story/ purpose through the album. I haven’t put my finger on it yet and maybe I don’t need to… I don’t care who does more numbers, because in my opinion, numbers are based on popularity and not quality and Drake for sure has more fans and exposure than Big Sean (reasons why we call them underrated.) But ill MAYBE compare their albums later if i feel like it.

This was just my really quick and really raw opinion on the album. I am open to debate and feedback. And oh, if you want to check out the album, but you’re too lazy to fully listen and want to know the “best songs” or know which were my favorite tracks.. NO! lol. Go listen to the whole thing. I dare you!

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