GOMD Video Interpretation

 J Cole – GOMD. Enjoy!

The track GOMD, written and produced by J Cole on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album is about him not giving a damn about how Hollywood is changing him. He is unapologetic of his mindset and the type of music that he is beginning to be influenced by. Then, he stops that rant about changing and redirects to how real music is not being made anymore. He talks about wanting to make music about real love and how we should all get back to when music had deep messages. Cole wants to go back to his hometown and back to Jermaine. My interpretation of the song is basically that you can adapt to Hollywood and change and make catchy poppin music as long as you don’t forget your main goal, and for him that is delivering music with great messages.

First look into J Cole’s GOMD music video. Expectations were of course, something off topic because he is known to have very mind bending shocking videos about more important topics rather than video vixens and flashy rapper status. The video is set in an old-school colonial slave period on a hot sunny morning. Cole plays the “light-skin” house slave. Then, as i kept watching i realized that he ran the house and the slaves, AKA the head house slave. All the slaves inside and outside the house don’t really like him, talk to him or show any form of respect for him. The plantation owners don’t really like him either ( for obvious reasons), BUT he is treated better than the rest and greeted by them. During these hard times J Cole seems to be the only happy mind in the bunch trying to uplift others. Everybody else seems to be stuck in their own routines and defeated mindsets. The daughter of the plantation owner seems to have a soft spot for J Cole and the slaves. Since he is the head slave in charge he is allowed to be around the owners in their vulnerable state and gains an opportunity to steal the keys to a closet that contains weapons. While stealing the weapons, J Cole is almost interrupted and caught but the young daughter distracts. After capturing weapons, he tried to gather up all the slaves of the house, some were hesitant towards him at first, until they saw the weapons. They go on to attack the owners and free themselves. They tie them up and dance around the bonfire. . . WOW.


Overall, to me, this video is genius. But its way deeper than the reminder of the oppression we faced. Cole is trying to convey to us what could and would’ve happened if we worked together against the whites. Not that this probably wasn’t thought of and tried of back then but he’s trying to show what would happen if we worked together sufficiently. I also get like racial and complexion strains between black people in this. It depicts the root of the light skin dark skin resentment. Since he was lighter and worked in the house the darker slaves had a lot of animosity towards him and didn’t want to cooperate. This is a reason why slaves back then had trouble forming unity, because they were taught to hate one another.

Its clear that this wasn’t just about racism, it was about unity and togetherness. This video was compared a lot to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. I think both J Cole and Kendrick Lamar convey the same messages to the people. They are for a fact good friends and have admitted to bouncing ideas off of one another in the creative process of making their albums and just about society in general. They both touch on unity, racism and revolution. I like this video alot and it was daring and made me think outside the box, we also saw J Cole do a little bit of acting which was cool. Can’t wait to see his next visual project!

Comment below if you want to add anything i missed, have any commentary or just feedback! 🙂

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