“The Title”

I wanted to share with you guys a post i came across on Twitter that put into a words a lot of things i have been thinking for a while and said it in a way i liked a lot. I did not write this and i have edited to remove words i thought were demeaning to women or just plain vulgar. But, i ask that you just read and pay attention to the main point of this rant and overlook the pin point on women, because i know it can be vice versa. P.S : If anyone knows the person who wrote this, please let me know.

Yes, this is long but it is definitely worth the read, i promise you that.

One of the biggest dilemmas a man will face is when a woman he does want on a real level, is only in it for the title. Is she in it for the boyfriend experience that she’s been raised to value? A lot of women don’t know how to be single, the need a title to make them feel whole. You don’t want to be a tool so a girl can post on IG ” Bae the best boyfriend ever, #Blessed.” Here you are, haven’t done shit but compliment her skirt and took her out to eat and she’s making it out to the world that you reinvented romance.

Check Facebook and you’ll see a sea of posts where women are bragging about getting regular treatment from guys, because its not about the man, it’s about how the rest of the world perceives them. ” I was sick and Bae bought me chicken soup. I’m so spoiled. When God sends you an Angel accept these blessing cus its rare.” That man is not an Angel and if you think microwaving some Campbell’s soup is being spoiled then you think putting $20 in your tank is being sponsored.

These things seem innocent but they speak volumes about the mindset of that woman. Why is she so eager to portray this image that she’s in a fantastic relationship when you’re still in the courting stage? No matter how bomb she looks or how bomb the sex is, you have to ask what her aim is for wanting to be your girlfriend so bad. You’ve known this girl for two weeks and she doesn’t even know you have two brothers. You’ve known this girl for a month, and instead of asking you about what lead to your messy break-up with your last girlfriend, she’s giving you ultimatums about being with her. Your entire relationship is flirting via text, eating and fucking. Yet here is this girl who you don’t have any real connection with being passive aggressive because you haven’t asked her to be official.

We know that pussy doesn’t create a bond. Hearing about a girl’s childhood doesn’t make us empathetic. You’re a glorified stranger until you dissect each others war stories. When a girl doesn’t know you enough to want you as a boyfriend, but is in it to rush to get the title. Its not about how great you are, it’s about how great her insecurity is. She’s in such a hurry to prove to the rest of the world that she can get a boyfriend that she forgets to learn who you are. You’re a dance partner who she calls her soul-mate, because she needs to be able to show her friends she’s loved, to boast to the internet that she’s taken, and to prove to her family that she can do better than her last guy.

No man with self-respect will be an accessory in this game of Where your man at?If she’s really right for you, she will understand that it’s not about talking to each other it’s about talking with each other. It’s not about favorite movies and where you work, its about learning real shit that makes you tick and why. Yes, you’re guarded and aren’t going to spill all your history, but you don’t want a girl that doesn’t even try. If all she’s going to do is sit across from you and giggle about the jokes you make, then why should you drop your guard? If all she’s going to bring to your life is sex and attitude, why lock it down when you can just keep doing the things you already do with no strings attached?

Placeholders are placeholders because in your gut you know she’s just like the rest of the girls you’ve already been with. What does she love about you? Your sex? Your jokes? Your feelings on the new Kendrick album? She ain’t talking about shit and you ain’t talking about shit, so the idea that she’s in love is fraud. If she cared about you, she would ask where you’re coming from before she asks where the two of you are going. The man she wants you to be may not be who you are, and if you blindly give her that title, can she even handle the flaws she ignored while title hunting?

Share your thoughts below on this, lets discuss it if you like. This topic stirred a lot of things in my mind, and there will be a follow up blog on a similar topic to this later this week soo.. STAY TUNED for “The Title Continued. . .”!

4 thoughts on ““The Title””

  1. This is very true, a lot of people just want the image of the happy couple and forget to actually get to know the person before going further on with a relationship.


  2. Powerful message, very thought provoking. “Its not about talking to each other its about talking with each other” is something I never would have thought of. Makes me reevaluate my approach. Thanks for this read


  3. Unfortunately i wear my heart on my sleeve but was only single just over two months before I started a new relationship, that I have now been in for 2 months but only a handful of people know ie: parents, sister and and best mate who I speak to on the phone on a daily basis. We have each other on Facebook but never have spoke through it or send posts others can see!? And we havnt had sex in over two weeks. Can honestly say though I know more about him then I did about ex`s that I have been with years. And I’m happy. Communication is key.

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