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Wale is known to create amazing mix tapes filled with coordination and just all around wave of known direction, but his albums always seem to flop, they’re always all over the place, and they never have a theme to them. He ended this mix tape theme with an album and i think he hit the nail on the head this time. 2 thumbs up.

But, I have no idea if its because he thinks too hard when it comes to working on album projects but they always seem to go really bad. Wale’s best songs are always the shortest ones and he tends to recreate them later on with a feature that doesn’t suit it and then later making a video that does not exceed my expectations. But his intentions are always so strong, the messages are there, i see the potential but either the beat don’t match the song, the delivery got lost and etc.

But Wale is one of the most overlooked under-rated under-credited lyricists and artists ever and he has hit his mark on this album. I hate his cockyness and the way he comes across sometimes but he’s always been like that, that is who is he is and can’t take away from talent.

TAAN is filled with messages and great music. The song titles and themes are soo cool. I think he gets lost in wordplay a lot and the messages tend to get lost but overall its good music.

P.S this album was the weakest use of the Seinfeld skits in my opinion.

On this blog post i am joined with my boy Geoffrey (the most hardcore Wale fan i know, you’ll see why) to break down each song on the album.

Read and Enjoy!

The Intro About Nothing

Talks about his growth and journey as time has gone by while living his dreams. The song is just a celebration of life and is not about anything specific, basically about nothing. But has that good ole feel good vibe that makes u wanna hear how it turns out – Rachael

The way this album started is how in my honest opinion ever album should.It gives you a certain enthusiasm to keep on listening to be hopeful. Wale nailed it with this one. – Geff

The Helium Balloon

You’re a balloon you’ve got that helium and we’re following you through the string. We’re following your message through the music. Talks about his connection with the people has changed, they wanna see him grow but not get better. I fell in love with this song first listen because i love when hiphop collaborates with reggae, im so in love with it. – Rachael

The merging of hip hop/rap/reggae makes for a good fusion. This here helium balloon is proof of that, with the inclusion of some Seinfeld narratives. Wale’s play on lyricism shines most definitely on here. – Geff

The White Shoes

The clothes and shoes you wear make you feel better about yourself/ Its not about where you going but how you’re looking. Even though you couldn’t afford the shoes you wanted you worked to get them. You’ll be alright as long as your sneakers white. But people kill for sneakers they die to be fresh. – Rachael

A very powerful message driven song, entailing that the latest trends within the urban community make or break you. When in fact its the man that makes the clothes not the opposite. Confidence comes from within the material is just an enhancer. The moral is to never let vanity nor materialism consume you cause there are more important things. – Geff

The Pessimist

“I don’t want hope, hope is killing me” I want to be hopeless, when you hopeless, you don’t care. Hard to exist in this world where everything that is going on around us is telling us we cannot win. All the problems going on in the world, and it still makes no difference. Different perspectives on the hopeless world. A cry for help for the urban community but at the same time giving up on it. J Cole stop singing hooks! haha – Rachael

Is the glass empty or is the glass half full. That is the question that is relevant to everyone. Satisfaction is one of the hardest things to feel. Race, gender, celebrity, occupation… all these things matter on how you’re perceived whether you want it or not. You’ll try as hard as you can to change it but society has a view that is difficult to alter so because of it hatred stems and we turn on each other instead of uplifting. This is the hidden gem within the album i should say ( Wanted a J Cole verse though) – Geff

The Middle Finger

People want to talk. Who is who, rumors and hear say. Trust is taken for granted. Wale don’t really fuck with nobody that hard. he’s basically saying how some people (fans) know of him and some people still don’t. He is growing through it all. But still fuck your feelings type attitude. –Rachael

People are gonna talk. Rumors will fester up its what you do when all that turmoil or hate gets in your face. What are you gonna do? Fold or keep ya head up high. This is definitely a song of empowerment to build the strength to tell others simply how the song says.. “fuck you leaveeee me alonee! yeaa ” ( my personal favorite) – Geff

The One Time in Houston

Nobody wants to be with somebody that loves them, they want to be with someone that hates them. “I’m never saying i love you first” I get unrequited love from this. These girls mingle with everyone and are unattached all the time. He feels that women are choosy and in it for the fun. he says women don’t possess any real feelings of love anymore. – Rachael

It’s something about Houston, TX that makes rappers go loco (an oasis maybe) The i love you comment is heavy its one of those things where if you say it and don’t reciprocate it back its kind of like getting shot in the heart. Don’t ever love a stripper its a business in the modern day brothel, it guess it happens to everyone this was just wale’s unique story. – Geff

The Girl’s on Drugs

The women he observes are just partying and doing drugs all day. They are troubled and lost and at a stage in their life where they tend to be unfocused on real things. Its the new cliche girl we see today all over social media and in the popular scenes. They are soo insecure “Told me nobody love her and so she cutt her wrist, she wanna get high because she feeling low” Deep line right there. Message to society right now. The things we do to cope are drowning us. . – Rachael

If you’re a Wale fan this isn’t the first confrontation with this masterful track, being that it was already on “Festivus” I fell in love with it now and it still holds up even in the midst of new content and it fits perfectly even better then it did on the previous project. – Geff

The God Smile

My personal favorite song on the album. The production on this cannot fail to have me bumping my head or moving my body, i walk with more confidence when this song is on. Its like a soundtrack to life blessings in the winners circle. Luxury of life, feeling blessed. Having a good circle and knowing the people that were with you are still with you. Reminiscing on the old times when you were slept on and believing in god no matter how the system is set up. Nigga said “everybody slept, then i came back, killing everybody nap like a hot comb” I was crying laughing like wow woah – Rachael

The vibe of this song just screams (whip music), drop top sunny day with a rasp-berita feel good vibe, okay back on track. This track is about all the work Wale has done all the trials and tribulations he has gone through he still remains the same and the people he has grow with they still continue to this day to be his mains…he is the light that illuminates his friends so he could put them on and they can continue to do the same. DC is his castle. – Geff

The Need to Know

Friends with benefits. But actual friends. Keeping a relationship on the low and keep it steady casual. Sample from Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends”, SZA on the lyrics, i like the switch up with the gender and the riffs she added her spin to it. Keep people out your business, only tell them what they need to know. Getting to know someone. HUGE messages to society in this track because we live in a world where titles mean nothing and understanding mean everything and we either expose too much of our personal or hide it all. But keeping it on a NEED TO KNOW, wow perfect name. – Rachael

SZA killed it this was my most anticipated track on the album because i’m a big SZA fan. This track spoke to me because of its ability to relate, titles are unnecessary exposure to the public. As long as there is a level of understanding that’s all that matters. “So we keep it low, keep it all on a need to know” couldn’t have said it better myself. – Geff

The Success

Making nothing into something. Humility coming from nothing and thriving for more. The different perspectives of the struggle on the strive to success. Keep growing with your success. Motivation record, gospel uplifting feel. – Rachael

The Success that Wale has garnered is at times doubted. He often gets the title of arrogrant, cocky and asshole but with all those titles he never gets called overrated. He has worked to get his position. Often times heralded as this generations lyricist of lyricists this isa track that is subtle but yet smacks it into the public that he is successful and should be placed as one of the top 4 – Geff

The Glass Egg

Stay the same don’t ever change. Doing good business with good people. Balancing business with pleasure and knowing who is true. DO YOU. Grow and leave the leaches behind if it comes down to it. So many messages but this was one the clearest one.  “Balance a bitch. Cause who on your back and who got your back, i promise the line is this thin.” – Rachael

The message in this track is to never let anyone or anything compromise you as a person. If you know one way will get you good results don’t change them to accommodate anyone else. Either they get on the bus or get left. Feelings won’t translate into results. This is another one of my favorites because i had to play it over and over to get the meaning (like a puzzle of a song) – Geff

The Bloom (AG3)

Okay this is like pursuing a woman and telling her to be secure in him and to let her guard down. I accept you as you are kind of thing. An ode to the ambitious girl again. The metaphoric use to compare a woman to a flower from the ground up. Getting to know someone in and out and watching them bloom like a flower infront of you. – Rachael

Every girl is a flower but what makes them bloom is the drive to want to get the ambition. When they know that they’re god’s gift to the earth and can have anything handed to them but they choose to get it for themselves. Any guy with the right mind would find this beautiful, gorgeous and sexy no matter what. – Geff

The Matrimony

The roller coaster to marriage. A new experience, a commitment you won’t know how to do until you do it. A new chapter in life. Fighting temptation and putting your woman first, promising her a future and confessing your love. The feeling you get when you finally differentiate one person from the rest of the world and want to make them significant. Also the fear of love because of past breakups and experiences and Wale reveals to us a past miscarriage he had in the past. Ursher baby on the track and i sing along everytime. – Rachael

How do you act once you get to a wedding (personal question i always ask myself, never having the opportunity to be in one. That time is soon coming), let alone being able to get someone to marry you. Marriage is a big step. What if it fails? Its like telling whoever attended your a failure. This is grown folks music, that new black soul. Usher really went back to form 2004-2008 confessions- here i stand mode. I won’t be surprised if people get married to this in the future. Great Track – Geff

The Body

One of those songs pushed towards the female crowd. So flattering and motivational. It shows an appreciation for women that we all know Wale has. The trying to win a girl over phase. The lines and wordplay in this song are soo smooth and Jeremih gives it a soft vibe. Sexy lip sync vibe, production so chill. – Rachael

The sexual-ism of the woman body. An ode to women. The best way to end an album smooth, slow track. This is Wale’s second best album next to “Ambition”. This album got me looking forward to his 5th musical endeavor. – Geff

The Summer League

Summer League was the last song on TAAN btw – Rachael

I only heard it once, to be honest, my memory on it is vague. – Geff

I don’t really like it, im about to leave it out. Because you right, its not memorable. Sorry Ye’ – Rachael

Since this album has released. Wale has come out with two music videos. The White Shoes and The Girls on Drugs.


The White Shoes

The Girls on Drugs

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  1. Wow Damn! 🙂 I’m definitely proud of how this came out. Honestly and for real, thank you for giving me some of your spotlight I really appreciate you and this opportunity lil homey

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