Featuring Spez Picasso

I come to you to shine a little light share that fire, le fuego, the support of a talented young artist by the name of Spez Picasso.

For as long as I knew him, he has been talented, hardworking and had this non-stop urge to accomplish his dreams.

So its only right that I support that determination. * Its also Good ass Music/reppin’ THE BRONX hann *

About a month ago he came out with a new single “STILL“. Followed by an anticipated music video.

Here goes my short interpretation, review and commentary on it. Enjoy!

This song right here is a well delivered display of emotions. It stands for a lot.

I got hints of :

  • perseverance
  • solo
  • love
  • friendship
  • dreaming
  • nostalgia

The production behind is what got me at first listen. The sample behind the beat is from the very talented Cashmere Cat‘s “Wedding Bells” Now, this song and wedding bells both give you the same feeling but have different pin point emotions on it. If you like PND and Drake you will definitely bump to this song. Its like keep doing you and moving up no matter what you face while you getting there. A testament to being himself STILL. A very relate able song that is calm catchy and bouncy all at once.

But I want you to watch the Cashmere Cat’s song before you watch this, so you can understand the LIT eclectic vibe it portrays.



Spez wrote the treatment for this video, and its perfect to me. Lonely times in the city, just you walking through New York’s amazing scenery and subway architecture with your thoughts, reflecting. An occasional flash of a women comforting him through his troubles relating to the “still getting money, still fucking bitches” line. But its still displays that lonely i don’t give a fuck aura. Definitely a great visual that matches the feels. POPPPINNNN.

While you still here. . .check out his YouTube channel…because this is not the only great song he has come out with. He can Spit.

thhgkgSpez Picasso   {  https://www.youtube.com/user/gdm921  }


TwitterIconkk TheRealSpez


Directed by Rickstarr Ferragamo


Facebook_iconRickstarrOfficial Page

Produced by RSavagebeats

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