Shuffled Emotions

Spitting this amateur poetry in hopes that you hear me

Baby we aint gotta be nothing

Its true, id actually prefer it

Getting to know u is hurting

Your potential so bitter sweet

Slow Cruising getting to know you

Trying to find out what makes you U

Basing our knowledge of one another on more than just flirting

I sat in a sauna and thought about you let that heat sink in

You awakened my heart but left it out to dry

You’re just like everybody else

U left me alone to cry

I lost everything i knew to be normal

Everything i knew to be new

Now im here stuck

Agonizing the painful memories of u

Lonely nights, selling myself short

Lonely nights, thinking how did i get so caught

Hold back the tear

Hold back that fear, dont you crack

But i wont let that be the end of me

Because my light shines and he sees it too

My worth is more than money can buy

Don’t you fucking lie

You didnt keep it real, you didnt fucking feel

You thought u could string me along like i was atttached to wheels,

Stuck on a string, tightroping within

Sitting with a soul of confusion

Yearning for full unconditional happiness

The back burner is rocky and i’m tired of car sickness

Hanging on to POTENTIAL not reality

Intentions and words not ACTIONS

The stage where everyone is selfish, except you, SELFLESS

But mama raised a fair one

You gon LEARN…

Cause these hoes aint ROYAL


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