The RISK to Love

Written by : Rachael Mangal 

Captured by : Tahir Mckenzie

Muse : Rachael Mangal

Monday, May 25, 2015

Riis Beach, Queens, New York

The hardest part of listening is swallowing the reality of their words.

I know what he’s saying and they go against my heart’s wishes.

But, i must force my mind to look at the bigger picture.

Convincing myself that I’m not selling myself short.

Convincing myself that I’m doing exactly what he is.

I sit there, with all my senses.

Ears open.

Heart open wide.

I rub his arms in support.

I taste his tongue.

His confidant.

Forgetting my inner wishes.

Convincing myself I’m not stressing it.

I love myself.

Trying not to ride or die but refusing to walk away.

Don’t you leave someone trying to figure it out.

I wish people would figure it out with you.

But really it’s for your own good that they do this.

They put everything in a code for you to unlock.

Subliminally telling you the deepest truths about your fate.

You accept it, but don’t digest it.

They weren’t blatant enough.

The hope lives in the empty spots.

The not knowing.

The unsaid.

Say it dammit.

I want to know.

I want to see how strong i am.

How stupid I am.

How far God wants to take me on this ride of confusion.

Of eagerness of risk.

Risking everything you believe in for hope of Love.



th@tahirmckenzie  @_rvchie


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