Featuring DJ milky$hake #GyalFlex

Ok I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been too busy living life.

Ya know, opening and closing chapters of my life.

But yo, let me introduce to you …

DJ milky$shake & #GyalFlex -The Sexy Summer Sunset Mix

AKA the soundtrack of your Summer.


This gorgeous talented Filipino born-Virginia raised-NYC located mami taught herself (and still teaching herself) how to DJ within about a couple of months ( Starting April 10th to be exact * also the birthday of her favorite rapper Q-Tip * which is like extremely coincidentally awesome.)

Ever since the first day I spoke to her, I knew she had good taste in music. People that change their hair color every few months and always got headphones in usually do. Plus she’s been blessing the TopShopTopMan 5th Avenue store with her playlists for a cute minute which was needed desperately. I sat back and admired her non-stop hard work ethic and passion and it was inspiring. But she finally blessed us with this beautiful mix. So I’m gonna share it with you guys because I love it a lot and I support it.

I personally thought it was the perfect mix of genres, artists, sounds, transitions and feelings. I gravitated to the very chill vibe it gave me and i was automatically interested. It’s like when you have just enough relevant but not overrated throwbacks, current fire, and just enough rare music. Plus they all coexisted together really well which is important when making mixes, the mood was set and stayed there.

I love this mix, I think it’s appropriate for all occasions. I would listen to it if i was chillen with bae, riding the train alone, riding drop top in a car or at a chill party. It definitely fits into the sexy summer sunset vibe that it’s giving. The only thing I would’ve personally did without was the Beyoncé track. But other than that pretty dope. And we want more!

Here’s a visual of the track list.


Here’s also a visual  of your new favorite DJ giving us all types of SexySummerSunset vibes, YES.


But without further ado here’s the link ! Click it, Comment, Like, Enjoy!


         #GyalFlex : The Sexy Summer Sunset Mix


Artwork by @iric_catbagan

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