Featuring Travis Little

Open your Mind, Open your Heart, Free your Spirit. I introduce to you Travis Little.


Travis Little is a 25 year old Artist, Musician and Poet from New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to New York City a few years ago to continue following his dreams as a Spoken Word Artist and Musician. Making it his business to attend every open mic and networking event, he has grown a fan base and won over the hearts of the youth. Travis Little is poetry mixed with jazz, funk, hip hop, soul, r&b and a hint of reggae all in one. As the creator of the catch phrase and hashtag #imjustfreetalking ,Travis created a movement allowing us to be conscious, honest and openly speak on whatever is on our mind without feeling apologetic. His words are electrified with sexy consciousness and intelligent rebellion. Speaking freely on his experiences and important world matters he takes the listeners to the inside. Not to mention, he plays the trumpet and paints. His infectious unique and eclectic sound turns a rowdy crowd quiet and attentive. After two years, he finally blessed us with his first mix tape entitled “Gate Keeper.”


Q – I find this cover art so interesting. Can you explain to us the title and meaning behind Gate Keeper?

Travis Little breaks down the meaning behind his album title and cover art and gives us a brief background on what he wants to accomplish with Gate Keeper.

Press Play to Listen.


Cover Artist : Marcus Leslie


My first listen of Gate Keeper, to be honest I wasn’t really feeling it all the way. The whole tape felt very free-stylish and jam session-y. All the tracks synced together but I felt the messages got lost along the way because it lacked structure. Gate Keeper could have used some choruses and hooks in my opinion. Things like that are important to me because i think they follow traditional composition and song writing structure. Those are things that we as listeners are used to. The ad-lib’s also overwhelmed some songs and felt random. I also felt the mix tape’s intro overpowered the outro.

But then im like na, I can’t let this one listen at 5am in the morning determine this. So i took another listen or two that same day around noon and felt like an idiot immediately. Like are our brains even fully awake at 5am to truly sink in stuff? Shouldn’t we listen to an album or mix tape a couple more times before we have a concrete opinion? I didn’t even have my headphones in, I wasn’t in the zone and didn’t give it my undivided attention. I don’t normally do that. I sold him short. Cause after my second listen I believed Gate Keeper was incredibly written and composed.

Gate Keeper is filled with heavy messages of Self Reflection, Life, Love, Women Appreciation, Protest, Freedom, Change, Belief and Faith. I love this mix tape because it’s inspiring and its actually my favorite thing to listen to right now. It doesn’t need structure, because i’m slowly learning that structure can sometimes take away from the spiritual feeling music serves. Plus it’s different. His tone of voice is different, it’s a style I’m not used to and I like that. His voice gives you this uncomfortable feeling but makes you want to listen harder and to feel harder. This is new and fresh and something I love to experience when listening to a new artist.

Oh and the ad-lib’s sound so essential and beautiful to me now. The instrumentals are so elegant yet hard. The skits and samples were so in tune with the sound. I’m sure we all can relate to all the messages it promotes and the production is so stylish and intriguing. Plus this is one of those records you just let flow, you don’t even need to skip songs. Gatekeeper is exactly what we need right now. Some conscious eclectic spiritual music, especially with everything going on, we need strong forces to push our minds and remind us to stay focused on the ultimate goal. Travis Little is definitely not misusing his influence and I am proud that I know such an artist.


If i had to choose a favorite song it would be “Color Purple.” I love this song because firstly, this beat is everything. It starts off in space to me, in a serene meditation space. This song is not even solely about love but it feels like love. Color Purple is merely a visual of life and everyday current events. The random outbursts of moans and groans make you feel alive. This track is giving a message that our relationship with God is personal. It’s reminding us that we have nothing to prove; faith is personal. Like the song says “You don’t have to show and prove”, meaning you don’t have to prove your faith to God to anyone else because as long as you know that’s all that matters.

But all in all, i recommend this mix tape for everyone and encourage you to support this!

& Without further interruption, CLICK HERE! to Listen and Download Gate Keeper. 

Available on Sound cloud, Dat piff and Band camp NOW

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