A poem written by Cecile Emeke.

Performed by 6 beautiful black women.

I’m a little late in discovering this. But better late than never.

My appreciation of this message is very heavy.

Everybody should watch this and interpret it with care.


The thing is that these fake deep boys come up to you with their dreadlocs and beads on their necks and they spit game. They spit game about how you’re a Queen and that they want to cherish every inch of your being. But the catch is that they only want you because you’re real and seem ready. They’re not ready, they’re not real, their fake. And the idea of you excites them. They’re not ready for your reality. Because think about it, they really never have anything to offer. Nothing in their lives are really stable but they seek stability in a woman. As woman we want to be what a man needs, but we have to be careful because they must be what we need in return. Since they are still confused and unstable sometimes they consider us disposable, a toy to play with, a stepping stone to maturity. They play as though they are really Deep, but their deepness is stuck on the surface, as shallow as ever. They tell you they have no type but will list to you their requirements of a woman and make it seem like a must. They think the versatility of their past is gonna get them some ass. Be careful of men who describe their type to you and it is not what you are. Be careful of them trying to mold what they think as Natural on to you. Do not let them put you in a box, into a category. Be who you are. When they bring other women down to prop you up, it is not a compliment. Because you are natural in whatever state u feel the most comfortable in. Don’t let his use of big vocabulary distract you from the meaning behind his words. Those are just ways of getting you to “chill” , “relax” and “take it easy” while speaking your mind. Do not let the word Queen make you feel like one unless you are treated like one. Watch out for the ones who try to push their beliefs on to you and make you feel small when you don’t agree with them. Those that assume that when someone doesn’t agree with their position it means that person is incapable of understanding the artistic aspect of what they see or hear. Be aware of those who take but don’t give. Be aware of the FAKE DEEP.

This is my favorite line of the poem. Because i relate to it the most.

4:08 – 4:56

See he’s the kind of guy who will Instagram a picture of a lion or some other African mammal, hashtag # ‘ Every lion needs his lioness,’ meanwhile he has left a smoking hot trail of manipulated, exploited, and broken women with no address. Because females are disposable during your never ending period of immaturity i guess. His tools of manipulations have evolved, so new conditions are met. Same as the transition from slavery to the prison complex. His abuse and manipulation has merely gained new dress. Boys will be boys. the learned justification to excuse the reckless.

This video is not to bash our men. This video is to expose the fake and allow women to open their eyes to some things they might be blind to. This video is to maybe inspire a man in the making to be their real selves. This video is to also maybe open the eyes of a man who has done these things, to be better so we can rise together.

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I encourage comments and opinions below. Thanks for watching ❤

One thought on “FAKE DEEP”

  1. Making women compete against each other is the easiest way to keep them oppressed. It reminds me when I was talking to one of my boys about the word “slut”. It was most likely popularized by jealous chicks and salty ex’s.


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