Jacob Lawrence Piece

Like I know your mind is huge
You painted your thoughts for me

You showed me it in the beginning

But you see it stopped there

It stopped when you got your hands back in the cookie jar

You stepped back into your bag and poof you were gone

You once told me I was everything you wished for

But you’re now blinded by the attention

I see your reflection of fuckboyisms when you speak now

And my urge to please you disappeared

So I watch you from a distance now

Because my reality was too heavy

And you’re not ready

So let’s be cool because promiscuous men never made me want to engage

Never wanted to go through that stage, where i was just an option

I chringe at the thought of the script flipping

Where i began to feel like the only one needy of your attention and affection

Your interest ran thin

And it would be crazy for me to think anyone of them were better than me

But you see, like you said…

“Everybody knows Picasso or even Basquiat. But a true eye knows a Jacob Lawrence piece. ”

Hoes are cool but a true black woman stands infront of you willing and able

But you rather be with the horses at the stable, wagging your tail for the pretty faces

So go ahead young

But i dont know if i’ll be here once you’re done.

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