The HoneyMoon Stage

When i first met him it was refreshing. I felt like someone accepted my flaws i felt like someone could be truly intimate with me. I felt a spiritual bond i have never felt before. The conversations were amazing. The content of our conversations inspired me. He inspired me. And it was fun, it was spontaneous. Physically and Mentally. But as time went by i wanted direction i wanted clarity. I was in no rush for a relationship but i needed to know the intensions he had for me. He told me he saw a future with me. He told me he saw it going somewhere. We sat and spoke on it all the time. We established that we were only seeing eachother. We both got out of relationships the year before so we decided to take it slow. Then went back to being maniacs for eachother. We saw eachother every chance we got and spoke on the phone more than once a day. Facetime Gods. Then little incidents became to happen. He began to disrespect me in public with other females. Feelings ive never experienced started to happen. Although we were both single i Expected a certain level of respect. I started to feel unimportant, JEALOUS and in the dark. The line was crossed on multiple occassions. These things were the beginning of the end of The Honeymoon Stage.  

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