So I haven’t made any blog posts in a while and its mainly because I’ve been trying to balance work, school, fun time/friends and new projects .. so sorry, but I got something to talk about.

We need to talk about CLOSURE  and confronting problems that we have deep-rooted.


Lately, I’ve been coming across a lot of people who are going through tough times and the only thing missing is their lack of closure and acceptance.
For example, a bad break up. After you have a bad break up or end a friendship or whatever the case may be ; of course words were being said.

Words are said either hurtful or just constructive but they may build up feelings of animosity or make you feel uncomfortable about the situation. And i get it, some people don’t always want to talk it out with you in order for you to let out what you feel. But if not, you must accept that and deal with it yourself by practicing forgiveness.
I think we need to close all situations in life in a comfortable common ground space. To me it is essential to deal with WHY something ended and remember the lessons we were supposed to learn about the situation at hand. If you’ve been through too much at once u need time to recuperate and digest what life is conveying to you.

You must appropriately take the space u need to reflect to yourself for a moment.

See people tend to use toxic coping methods to release bad energy and i don’t think that is good at all. Avoiding your problems only mean you can never get a solution for them. So if u keep arguing about the same thing or drinking/ smoking to forget about a certain situation I doubt you will get in the state of mind you should be in. Or rather move past it on a new page.

Try to reflect to yourself about it. Get to know YOU as a person and understand this is something you have to go through in order to grow.
I know I’m not being specific but this applies for relationships, friendships or just basic life incidents. We need to understand ourselves more, we need to grow and take space to recognize the things we are going through. We have to not be afraid to feel what we are feeling. It makes us humans. It makes us stronger and wiser as individuals. I hate when people go around the world mad and wondering why they keep going through the same thing or feeling the same way over and over. And it’s because you haven’t confronted whats making you feel this way to begin with.

When we get closure from things we get back up and try again with a different outlook. We tend to have a better perspective and don’t take the past out on others. Our insides are clean of all negative and bad vibes.

Let’s close one chapter before we open another.
So try it guys. Have an open mind.
Just a thought. 

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