Test Shoot/Video with Rei Vallejo

Saturday January 2, 2016
Test Shoot/Video with Rei Vallejo.

Featuring me, as the Muse.

On this beautiful NYC afternoon, Rei and I casually met up at Bethesda Terrace to test Rei’s new camera. It wasn’t anything too specific. He just said come to the park and bring your eclectic self and let’s make some work. I didn’t even know I would be speaking until he clipped the mic to me and started asking me questions along the way. I didn’t really know what to say so I just rambled on the spot from my heart and kept it my real authentic self. He asked me a couple questions about myself, stuff like talk about my small goals, growing up in nyc, whats on my mind, what inspires me etc. It was all on the spot, no thought process just winging it and all over the place. We also took a few photos.

I will soon post more videos like this because im starting to notice yall attention span for reading is extremely LOW. Plus I want to show myself more. Plus all that new marketing scheme stuff in my head needs some action. Lol 🙂

Sooo here’s my little warm up!


Watch Below ! 👇🏾✨



I hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to more of my mini rants and insight. Thanks for watching !









Rei Vallejo

Instagram : reivallejo

Tumblr : reivallejo

Email : reivallejo@gmail.com


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