Featuring Jayelthezeitgeist


I introduce to you singer, songwriter and creator of “The Enlightenment” movement Jayelthezeitgeist. Representing Jamaica and The Bronx NYC, Jayel and his eclectic sound is quickly moving into the spotlight. Through “The Enlightenment” movement he brings back refreshing sounds of different eras.

His purpose involves taking the fans and listeners on a ride of nostalgia on the way to his own sound. He does it in a creative sense of enlightening them on the music, and paying homage with his own unique style. He challenges himself and other artists to create with inspiration and to explore outside of their comfort zone. Some of his inspirations include Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, Vybz Kartel and Andre 3000, to name a few. ECLECTIC. Yall know I like Eclectic.


Q – In your own words, what is a Zeitgeist?

A – Zeitgeist means to me the beginning of another era. Each artist that made a notable stamp on the industry/world as a whole, I’d refer to as a Zeitgeist…I’m just taking the weight of the title itself to carry and bear.

He also recently just blessed us with his mix tape entitled the “SWYSHTAPE” along with a few fire visuals.  And if I say so myself are quite impressive beginning to end. So check that out. Don’t Sleep. I warned you.

I had a pleasure of working with The Zeitgeist on his latest video “OBVIOUS” as the leading lady (YAY ME). Obvious was inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s “If you had my love” with a very cool twist which intrigued me to it, I love a good sample. If you aren’t familiar with this early vintage J Lo, I strongly suggest you watch the video before watching the remake.





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