Featuring Dom Doll

I introduce to you the artist and entrepreneur Dom Stanley, also known as DomDoll.



I met Dom a few years ago at Afro Punk. She had long bright pink hair and I was instantly intrigued by her dope style. We became cool instantly and what I didn’t know was that behind her fire hair was a fire artist. We stayed in touch throughout the years and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her brand and art grow.
Very few artists are consistent with their craft nowadays and she is one of those people that grind for hers and I admire that. Dom has created a name for herself and has a very active business and clientele. So yeah, I see you eating girl.
Creatively vandalizing the walls of apartments and painting the timbs of New Yorker’s feets, she is a business, man. (She probably does timbs for people in other states, i know NYC ain’t the only city that rock timbs, we just kill them best lol biased). Her freehand painting canvases include, ANYTHING YOU WANT. Sneakers, your wall, your jacket, your jeans, your hats, you name, you give her your vision, she customizes it and delivers. Im talking Everything FREE HAND , NO STENCIL, BY THE EYE. Talent.
Her growing resume includes a collaboration with hairstylist (IG @out.on.paraole), MUA ( IG @princess_rese) and photographer (IG @m.v.e.u.s), all fellow NYC artists on the rise in our community. She hand painted the hands and faces of models on set to bring the vision to light, to art. Networking works. She’s even got her work in the hands of rapper and NYC native Fabolous! Talk about name drop. Fabolous is known to support the hood and rock some of the flyest unique pieces then the hood follow, so that was a statement in it’s own.
I see you moving in these streets Dom, and the people need to see it too! Go GIRL!

I interviewed DomDoll a few days ago, just so you guys get to know her better.
Q: At what age did you start making art and when did you decide you wanted to take art seriously?
A: I have been painting since I was a little girl. My mom used to draw all the Disney characters for me. I started taking it serious in high school but i started making a business out of it in 2012.

Q: What do you want people to feel when looking at or wearing a piece of your work?
A: When people wear my pieces I feel like they are representing me and the idea of standing out and being different. Sometimes people fear attention because they are so worried about what people will say. I truly believe that art makes such a difference and if you can wear it you might as well send a message with it.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Inspiration comes from all over. Relationships, politics, worldwide issues, fashion, celebrities, even other artists.

Q: I can tell music plays a big part in your art. What songs help you while you are creating?
A: Music plays a huge part. Motivational songs like AAR – Move Alone, Drake – Started from the Bottom, Curren$y – Silence, Kid Cudi – Enter Galactic… the list goes on.

Q: Who are your favorite artists?
A: Kendrick Lamar hands down. As far as art my fave artists are Van Gogh, Basquiat, Andy Warhol, George Condo…..There are many others but that is just to make a few.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in managing your business?
A: Honestly starting my own business has taught me so much responsibility and has caused me to mature in a lot of ways. I’ve made many mistakes and even today I am still righting my wrongs but it has helped me grow as a person.

Q: I see that you’re always busy with running orders and regulating the customers lol, When do you get time to yourself and what are you usually doing with it?
A:i have learned that there is a right time to put your pride aside and there is a right time to be firm and stick to your policies. I have met so many different people, not all pleasant, but it taught me to expect that. I learned that in this business you have to be very strict to be taken serious. I’ve learned that your brand represents you, therefore, whatever is done reflects you.

Q: Why do you consider yourself the ‘Hood’s Warhol’?
A: Warhol expressed fake relationships, the culture in his environment and I’m just trying to do that in mine.

Q: What can we expect from DomDoll this year and in the future?
A: This year I plan on having a fresh start. My first pop up shop will be this year and I truly look forward to that! Never before seen pieces and I would like to send more inspiring messages with my art.

If you wanna call my bluff, here’s some Art of hers, some proof.

th : @domdollnyc


Art Inquires & Bookings: domdollnyc@gmail.com


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