A Roots Rock Reggae Playlist


A strict old school Roots Rock Reggae vibes playlist of the 70s and 80s, maybe a sprinkle of 90s.

Strictly for vibrational purposes. This is the beginning, some of the starters in reggae culture to shape it all. This is a mixture of some of the songs I love and grew up on, filled with real sounds and messages for any yute to absorb. Some of these songs are personal for me, some of them just come with the culture and are just hardcore jams. I can’t even put out this playlist without shouting out my father for introducing me to most if not all of these sounds. He is the biggest influence on my musical taste and I am forever grateful. Reggae makes up most of why i am who I am today. It is and probably will always be my first love when it comes to music and my favorite genre 💚❤️💛


This playlist is strictly Roots Reggae.If you would like a Lovers Rock aka slow jam love song reggae playlist, request it and your wish shall be granted. This is also not a dancehall playlist. It is not a soca playlist. It is Reggae. If you aren’t familiar and want to get familiar, this will do you right. If you don’t like old school reggae, skip. But i always suggest being open minded.Also, smoking marijuana is highly recommended 🤗


Now available on Itunes & Youtube !

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