Not Guilty

We were both victim to a crime that held us hostage

A crime that only one of us served a sentence

A crime that changed us forever

But we never had forever because it ended before it started and you were unforgiving

You couldn’t accept me even after the charges were dropped

My record was clean but the judgement left me forever guilty

Like a walking felon without given a second chance at life

But you see, i was innocent

I was framed

You became an accessory to the crime

And i confessed

I confessed my truth and my innocence

You heard my testimony on the stand

I was hurt and ashamed

Locked up and in cuffs

But i realized you couldn’t trust

Because the last Bonnie to your Clyde already has you in a cell

Your brain on solitary confinement

Your heart in prison

It was a misdemeanor but the impact left you frozen forever

Frozen from the world and letting anyone in

And you weren’t willing to do your community service

You know, clean up the community streets in your brain

Get clear of the PTSD

Do the time, do the healing to your soul

But once you get up in jail they say you’re changed forever

I knew it, i know reality

But i wouldn’t let up until you said it

And now that you said it

That phone call from jail, save it

My lawyer just called and said I’m free

I’m innocent


unnamed (1)

Art by Antony Micallef

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