An Early 2000s Hip Hop Playlist

First things first, RULE #1.

Hit that SHUFFLE button.

This playlist consists of hip hop music from 2000 – 2006. Now i have to warn you, i got carried away. There are 100 songs. I chose these 100 songs based on vibe and nostalgia. Y’know those uptempo feel good club vibe songs. The big ones. Actually while i was making it a friend told me they should all be songs you can Harlem Shake to and i agreed. A little Harlem Shake, a little chicken head, some heal toe. Its like there is 100 songs but there would be so many more if i got into the r&b and down south crevices. Theres so many things left out. Like there were dance hall crossovers and so many things i missed, but i think i did enough damage.

So yeah ill shuttup now, scroll down for more fun stuff.

Enjoy some nostalgic photos of some music artists in the Early 2000s hip hop scene on your way to the playlist links 🙂

The playlist is available on I tunes and YouTube.

Click the links below.



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