Thoughts on Nas & Kelis

Before you read this, if you haven’t already. Watch Kelis’s full interview with Jason Lee via Hollywood Unlocked where she opens up about her past and current relationship with Nas, her son, her business ventures and more.

So, everyone knows how much i love Nas. He is and has always been one of my favorite MCs and music personalities. But, it is not until i heard Kelis’s interview about him that i realized that i do not know his personality. I was always intrigued by his mysterious persona and reserved attitude. He to me is a man who lives in the shadows and is humbly around. He was never an open book.

However, after hearing Kelis’s confessions of him, i am truly disappointed in him. I do not know their lives and i won’t pretend to but i am definitely on her side as a strong woman. I admire her courage and strength to reveal parts of her life that i feel like she is finally opening up. I say this because we all unfortunately deal with fuck shit from men. She is speaking her truth and her courage is greatly respected by me.

She has always been one of my favorite personalities in music and fashion as well and to see her at her breaking point and so raw and candid is truly inspiring to me and I’m sure to other women out there are as well. I can relate in so many ways. Her words were important and very much needed.

I am still a fan of both of them and i honestly won’t let their personal lives and other peoples personal opinions get in the way of what i want to do as far as my taste in music, but we need to learn to see things for what they are. Stop letting people’s status in ‘Hollywood’ smudge your views of who they are behind closed doors.

But, i am on the fence and will contradict this because we are all human and we all go through shit. We all have reasons why we are the way we are whether good or bad. And its not to excuse anyone, I just know that i didn’t grow up with Nas or Kelis and cannot speak for how they grew up or what they’ve been through that has formed them into the people they are today. I do not know their story and neither can you. I observe and i listen.

I can’t hate people who i don’t know, I can’t bash people based on how they decide to live their lives and fight their battles because its their life and i have always been understanding and respectful of that about life in general. I am Empath.

But in closing, I believed every word Kelis and i stand with YOU. Thank you.


Continue being strong, fierce and fearless. Drive on baby.

P.S. This is a discussion table and i am open to discuss anything you feel about my statement. Leave me a comment below and we can 212.

Please as a reminder: Be respectful.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Nas & Kelis”

  1. First and foremost, I commend you on writing on such a controversial topic! This piece is so revolutionary and beneficial to women and especially men. I find it so important for us women to share our story and I’m SO glad that Kelis did so. The dangers of domestic violence can be so detrimental and it’s imperitive that we stand up against it. Thank you for writing this and thank you for choosing to do so about this topic. I hope that this can open the floodgates for other women dealing with abuse, on any level! Can’t wait to read your next piece!

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    1. Thank babe, i usually stay silent about media frenzies and outbreaks but she spoke to me. We need to stand up for eachother and continue to expose our truths, our stories. I can’t ever support abuse, ever. Glad you liked it ✨


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