The WomenWhoRap Playlist

Introducing the WomenWhoRap Playlist. This a playlist filled with women empowerment bops and all your favorite anthems. I got women who rap ranging from the 80s til’ current day. From Missy Elliot to Azealia Banks. No matter if these women always get along, are put against each other and are slandered in the media, we just can’t deny the fact that they are talented and creative. Hit shuffle, or play in order, its up to you. However, I do want you guys to try listening to the songs that you aren’t familiar with.. its more fun that way to give your ear to a new girl who got something to say. It might speak to you, you never know. I know there are way more underground artists i missed and some songs i missed that i would of really liked to see on here, but i don’t know them all and Itunes don’t be having the Itty Bitty Piggy’s y’all lol (all the good non albumy songs). Plus, not all songs went with the theme so theres that. There are so many awesome songs that women created since the beginning of rap but let’s be honest…we’d be here all day going through one trillion emotions and transitions.

But the good news is….. with this playlist i am open to suggestions for songs to add!

Disclaimer: for those who like to get in their feelings, this playlist is not in order of who i like the most, who is the most relevant etc…And if you are focused on that aspect of this playlist, you are part of the problem. Yeah i got my opinions on things, im sure we all do, but i love all these ladies! Let’s all get along and support each other!

But before you go to the are some photos of beautiful WomenWhoRap including those who didn’t make the cut into the playlist but are still bomb!

Now available on iTunes ! Click the link below 🙂 Thanks for viewing yall!

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