A Lovers Rock Reggae PLAYLIST


This is a reggae love song playlist, better known as Lovers Rock. This playlist is curated with tunes from the late 80s, 90s and Early 2000s. I could’ve went later in the 2000s for those other newer artists but i decided to focus on the nostalgic moments. Those moments when u watch ya mother and father grinding close pelvis to pelvis and in love. Slow melodies and sweet voices. These are the songs that i grew up on and are embedding in my memory but if you have any you want to request, i am all ears.

Now these are the OGs but if you wanna see the younger crowd (Jah Cure, Pressure, Gyptian, Alaine) ..request and i will make some time. I created this playlist in like a day and got carried away alot so i had to tone it down and focus but yall know reggae my favorite genre and i can keep it going when i got time!

Here are some pictures of some the artists featured in this playlist. Bad asses !

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Play for your lover, at your chill kick back function, or bun a spliff doley and vibe.

This playlist is shuffle worthy and straight through worthy in my opinion.

I loved making this! I hope you love it too.

Thanks for listening!

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Rach ❤️💚💛

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