ElectroHouseDance Playlist

This playlist was pulled from nostalgia from the house parties my family through growing up and my memory bank. We always had an eclectic mash up of genres of music and this genre was saved for the very best parts of the night and everybody felt good to get up and move. Im a 90s baby so i collected it from my childhood. Most of these artists surprisingly are mostly brown beautiful faces. The media tricked me to think different and i was so refreshed finding this out. I didn’t know most of these artists names before searching things, i literally typed in parts of lyrics in hopes of finding what i was looking for, and i lived in the ‘similar artists’ search to find more gems. Got exactly what i was looking for so i was super happy about that. I made a lot of observations of how a lot of original songs were re-done by more mainstream un melinated artists, very interesting time in music. I really wish i was apart of that 90s to go out and dance to the club scene to really pull out my bedroom routine dances and footwork on the dance floor on you fools. This time was really a gem and its important to really DANCE and feel music to me, so shoutouts to this genre. Also, this playlist makes an awesome gym workout playlist, yes, i tested it already. Me and Jo was killin’ it on the step high knee routine to this. Keeps the momentum going! I picked my absolute favorite songs so i wouldn’t make the playlist 3 hours. We got a nice hour and 37 minutes of fun. So to all who appreciate this era, have fun with it and enjoy!

And yall know im all about the visuals, so check out these beautiful faces behind the jams.



Now available on Itunes and Tidal!

ElectroHouseDancePlaylist – ITUNES

ElectroHouseDancePlaylist – TIDAL



If i get enough requests… i can add it to youtube.

And if someone is sharing their spotify, i can incorporate that too :)))

This was super fun to make and my new record, completed this playlist within a day.

So easy, so fun, some dancing in between. Fresh!

Thanks for coming, hope you enjoy ❤

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