Reggae Infused Hip-Hop Playlist

We all know Reggae and Hip-Hop has always been family. The founding mothers and fathers of Hip-Hop were people of Caribbean decent and the hip hop vibrational sound originated on the islands as well. Being that these two genres are my top fav genres, i have always been fascinated by any joint collaborations or samples used in songs. I love a good hip hop reggae collab. These are not all reggae songs, some dance-hall etc, but reggae just sounded better. Its under that umbrella.

I consider myself to be a mixture of hip hop, soul and reggae. That’s just one way to describe my eclectic nature, diverse personality and look. Fun fact: i also love men who are hip hop and reggae infused.. i love a good culture mix.

This one was almost effortless and personal. I knew which songs automatically popped up in my head from nostalgia and current day. I think this is a diverse group of artists. I also created it within 2 hours and i added finishing touches to it afterwards. Its been done for a while and i listen to it a lot but I’ve been busy living life through the changes etc, this playlist definitely has helped. But, im finally going to share it with you all. Lets keep the positive sound-waves going and spreading good music that feels good.

As always, i like to display the artists behind the music. Take a look.

Scroll down for the playlist links.




Click the links below & enjoy! ❤

Reggae Infused Hip-Hop Playlist APPLE

The Tidal link has one less song, its Murder by Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana & Camron 😉
Like, Leave a comment, spread the positive vibes.
I only do this to spread love and good energy.
Love Peace Unity,
Rach ❤💛💚

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