Mavado (C), Jamaican dancehall star, joined in the street festivities in Roseau, October 26., 2018 in Roseau, Dominica. – Amid the kaleidoscope of colors of Dominica’s capital Roseau, the streets pulsated with the sounds of African drums and steelpans, bamboo “boom pipes” and accordions. Impromptu parties sprung up on roadsides and beaches for the weekend of revelry that is the World Creole Music Festival, a chance to showcase the origins of the now global but intrinsically Caribbean sound. The 20th edition of the festival brought thousands from across the Caribbean to the tiny island nation and sent a message that Dominica has moved on from Hurricane Maria, which last year claimed dozens of lives here as it obliterated homes and livelihoods. (Photo by Gemma HANDY / AFP) (Photo credit should read GEMMA HANDY/AFP/Getty Images)

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