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Reggae Infused Hip-Hop Playlist

We all know Reggae and Hip-Hop has always been family. The founding mothers and fathers of Hip-Hop were people of Caribbean decent and the hip hop vibrational sound originated on the islands as well. Being that these two genres are my top fav genres, i have always been fascinated by any joint collaborations or samples used in songs. I love a good hip hop reggae collab. These are not all reggae songs, some dance-hall etc, but reggae just sounded better. Its under that umbrella.

I consider myself to be a mixture of hip hop, soul and reggae. That’s just one way to describe my eclectic nature, diverse personality and look. Fun fact: i also love men who are hip hop and reggae infused.. i love a good culture mix.

This one was almost effortless and personal. I knew which songs automatically popped up in my head from nostalgia and current day. I think this is a diverse group of artists. I also created it within 2 hours and i added finishing touches to it afterwards. Its been done for a while and i listen to it a lot but I’ve been busy living life through the changes etc, this playlist definitely has helped. But, im finally going to share it with you all. Lets keep the positive sound-waves going and spreading good music that feels good.

As always, i like to display the artists behind the music. Take a look.

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Reggae Infused Hip-Hop Playlist APPLE

The Tidal link has one less song, its Murder by Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana & Camron 😉
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ElectroHouseDance Playlist

This playlist was pulled from nostalgia from the house parties my family through growing up and my memory bank. We always had an eclectic mash up of genres of music and this genre was saved for the very best parts of the night and everybody felt good to get up and move. Im a 90s baby so i collected it from my childhood. Most of these artists surprisingly are mostly brown beautiful faces. The media tricked me to think different and i was so refreshed finding this out. I didn’t know most of these artists names before searching things, i literally typed in parts of lyrics in hopes of finding what i was looking for, and i lived in the ‘similar artists’ search to find more gems. Got exactly what i was looking for so i was super happy about that. I made a lot of observations of how a lot of original songs were re-done by more mainstream un melinated artists, very interesting time in music. I really wish i was apart of that 90s to go out and dance to the club scene to really pull out my bedroom routine dances and footwork on the dance floor on you fools. This time was really a gem and its important to really DANCE and feel music to me, so shoutouts to this genre. Also, this playlist makes an awesome gym workout playlist, yes, i tested it already. Me and Jo was killin’ it on the step high knee routine to this. Keeps the momentum going! I picked my absolute favorite songs so i wouldn’t make the playlist 3 hours. We got a nice hour and 37 minutes of fun. So to all who appreciate this era, have fun with it and enjoy!

And yall know im all about the visuals, so check out these beautiful faces behind the jams.



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ElectroHouseDancePlaylist – ITUNES

ElectroHouseDancePlaylist – TIDAL



If i get enough requests… i can add it to youtube.

And if someone is sharing their spotify, i can incorporate that too :)))

This was super fun to make and my new record, completed this playlist within a day.

So easy, so fun, some dancing in between. Fresh!

Thanks for coming, hope you enjoy ❤

The WomenWhoRap Playlist

Introducing the WomenWhoRap Playlist. This a playlist filled with women empowerment bops and all your favorite anthems. I got women who rap ranging from the 90s til’ current day. From Missy Elliot to Azealia Banks. No matter if these women always get along, are put against each other and are slandered in the media, we just can’t deny the fact that they are talented and creative. Hit shuffle, or play in order, its up to you. However, I do want you guys to try listening to the songs that you aren’t familiar with.. its more fun that way to give your ear to a new girl who got something to say. It might speak to you, you never know. I know there are way more underground artists i missed and some songs i missed that i would of really liked to see on here, but i don’t know them all nor do i like them all. This time around i went for a more slow transition to fast transition. A mixed mood playlist. Plus Itunes don’t be having the Itty Bitty Piggy’s y’all lol (all the good non albumy songs). And don’t forget, this is a reflection of MY personal taste. But feel free to suggest, i am open minded, songs can be added! There are so many awesome songs that women created since the beginning of rap but let’s be honest…we’d be here all day going through one trillion emotions and transitions.

But before you go to the are some photos of some WomenWhoRap!


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WomenWhoRapPLAYLIST – Tidal

WomenWhoRapPLAYLIST – iTunes

A Lovers Rock Reggae PLAYLIST


This is a reggae love song playlist, better known as Lovers Rock. This playlist is curated with tunes from the late 80s, 90s and Early 2000s. I could’ve went later in the 2000s for those other newer artists but i decided to focus on the nostalgic moments. Those moments when u watch ya mother and father grinding close pelvis to pelvis and in love. Slow melodies and sweet voices. These are the songs that i grew up on and are embedding in my memory but if you have any you want to request, i am all ears.

Now these are the OGs but if you wanna see the younger crowd (Jah Cure, Pressure, Gyptian, Alaine) ..request and i will make some time. I created this playlist in like a day and got carried away alot so i had to tone it down and focus but yall know reggae my favorite genre and i can keep it going when i got time!

Here are some pictures of some the artists featured in this playlist. Bad asses !

Now Available on Itunes!

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This playlist is shuffle worthy and straight through worthy in my opinion.

I loved making this! I hope you love it too.

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Kanye West’s Paradoxical Mind

Ok so guys…I follow an amazing artist by the name of Adele Supreme. Besides her being the most controversial artists and respected women in my eyes, her mind never ceases to amaze me. Her thought provoking art is constantly having me at the edge of my seat and side eyeing what I think I know or understood about society while pulling up the obvious undertones. Amidst the Kanye West and Donald Trump situation, this is what she had to say on her Instagram story.

“So i wanna say something about the hoopla surrounding kanye west and his tweets regarding Trump. What i find most fascinating, is how much power people give Trump. You guys give this man so much power. Let me start by saying, there are a lot of things that trump says and does that i do not agree with, but i have no personal feelings about this man. I don’t know this nigga.

I believe our imaginations have the power to augment, amplify, exaggerate, create just about anything we choose. Each and every one of us perceives the outside world through a completely different set of lenses. Hence the quote, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Same goes with pain is in the eye of the beholder, joy.. sadness. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You know, what may make you cry, may make me laugh. So on and so fourth..we’re all experiencing this world differently.

The problem isn’t so much our perceptions, but its the expectation for everyone else to have perceptions that mirror ours. And when someone doesn’t harbor a point of view that resembles our own, we have a problem with it. It’s like you’re not agreeing with this world i have created my reality, how dare?

So most people have agreed, that hating Trump is apart of their reality. Trump is a monster. Thats a reality for most people. And anyone or anything that is associated with this monster, i will now harbor disdain and hate and resentment towards this thing or person. Lets take a moment to look at the power you’ve given this monster. You’ve given him the power to warp and augment your opinion of something you may of once actually really really liked. Now i don’t know about you, but i’ll be damned , if i will allow any mother fucker that i don’t personally know, to fuck up a good time for me…ok?

Nowadays, people spend little to absolutely no time trying to understand a human being and their thought process and why they feel the way they feel. They just immediately dismiss them if what they say or what they feel doesn’t line up with their expectations or beliefs.

I’ve always been an admirer of kanye and his artistry. And my initial reaction when i saw the tweets were.. ‘i wonder why he feels that way’, like i just became curious, y’know, and wanting to understand. Like people have become so utterly dismissive of one another, we’re losing patience of one another..primarily because the internet has taught us that we don’t need to have patience. I mean, we could have whatever we want right now.

I’m observing people get real prideful about their beliefs and their values. The thing about pride is that its so vulnerable to attack and its so visible. Its a rigid set of expectations, that only results in a brittle self esteem.

We’re baring witness in real time how polarizing popular opinion can be. Its like if you like the thing that most people don’t like, you’re hated…Like its crazy. I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER. This is gonna sound mad corny, but I’m a love supporter. I think Trump is fucking crazy. But i don’t hate this man, and I’m not gonna start hating Kanye because he’s expressed some love and admiration for Trump. Like if that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels. That ain’t got nothing to do with me.

It does seem as though that people are less prone to share an opinion or idea, if that opinion and or idea does not mirror that of the majority. And there is this cycle, its like the high school dynamic, y’ know. You wanna be with the in-crowd, you don”t wanna be the butt of the joke… like that one guy over there. And then you look at how social media has the power to bring entire businesses under, i mean holy shit, this is like some black mirror type swag you guys. I don’t think y’all understand. This is bigger than Trump and Kanye..

When i saw all these celebrities just un-following Kanye and some of them tweeting responses…and its like, that was a PR move like a mother fucker. These publicists and agents were like yo, disconnect from this motherfucker STAT. OK? Now UNPLUG, SHUT IT DOWN. WRAP IT UP. I think the example i remember is when the CEO of Uber was found out that he was a trump supporter, and like people stopped taking Uber. And all these companies were coming forth like, ‘WE DENOUNCE Uber, FUCK WITH US INSTEAD’

Folks gotta learn how to love man. Like the love out here is so weak…its so weak. All it takes is a difference in opinion for you to not fuck with someone completely. Thats so tired. Stop giving Trump so much control over your mind. And stop allowing him to influence so much of your opinions.

Kanye is not programmed, because he doesn’t have someone talking him off a ledge, or keeping him from saying whatever the fuck he wants, in an effort to preserve popular opinion of him. Imagine if everyone in the industry said what they truly truly felt..without fear of public scrutiny, y’all would be surprised as fuck.

You don’t have to agree with anyone. But always try your best to love them.


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Thank you for sharing you insight.



Kanye West. My favorite rapper of all time. He is my favorite because of his flow, his style, his cleverness, his mind and his production.. to name a few. He is ECLECTIC and always growing as an artist. He never fit into a box and he never followed a crowd, ever. Kanye isn’t afraid of risk and he is creating constantly. He is a raw maniac and a creative genius, i love him for it. His discography is immaculate, so he is well respected by me. I never cared for his Yeezy collection or his decisions in marriage etc. Basically, anything personal. It has always been about the music for me.

I always loved what he stood for but at the same time his personal thoughts and or beliefs have always worried me a little. People can change. I do not agree with him about some things and that’s okay with me. And that can mean i can disagree and be concerned with shit he says and speak on it. It means that I can be worried but at the same time not affected.

Y’all, Kanye has always been an asshole to me. He is a certified narcissist, he will support anyone who will change narrative in his favor. He is blunt, wild and triggering, like me. He is evolving. Again, he has changed…people change. And now he is being dismissed. Being dismissed because of change. Dismissed because of association. But he is himself no matter what, he is pure and transparent, never conforming to a norm or for anyone’s comfort and that can be a hard pill for society to swallow. Kanye is not programmed. His mind is his own and it is flawed. We all are.

But this is what i understand about humans… we didn’t all grow up in the same environment, with the same people or influences. We are different. I don’t idolize anyone, we are all equal. I am not a die hard blinded fan that will support an artist and defend them to the ends of the earth even though they are wrong. I don’t follow feminists, black power movements, hate groups, nothing. Thats not me. I form my own opinions and i can change them when i feel like it because i am not expected to stand by any specific cause… I am a humanist.

I don’t hate the people who have strong opinions of him either because its like you cannot be mad at people for feeling strongly about things that can directly effect them. Its touchy, these are touchy subjects. There are things that people are going through, it is disappointing, and how people choose to deal with their disappointment is up to them. I just know there are many ways to handle things. Its about the power of the mind. We are in this world together, and we have to cope either way. We are humans.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they are the way they are. For me to put energy into bashing people is just a waste of my time. Lately, its a trend to ‘cancel’ people. Do your research. Challenge yourself and your mind. Ask yourself exactly why and how you came to think the way you do. Are you thinking for yourself?

Spread Love. Have compassion, be understanding. Empathize.


Thanks for reading!

Again, this is a discussion table. We can discuss in the comments if you like.



Thoughts on Nas & Kelis

Before you read this, if you haven’t already. Watch Kelis’s full interview with Jason Lee via Hollywood Unlocked where she opens up about her past and current relationship with Nas, her son, her business ventures and more.

So, everyone knows how much i love Nas. He is and has always been one of my favorite MCs and music personalities. But, it is not until i heard Kelis’s interview about him that i realized that i do not know his personality. I was always intrigued by his mysterious persona and reserved attitude. He to me is a man who lives in the shadows and is humbly around. He was never an open book.

However, after hearing Kelis’s confessions of him, i am truly disappointed in him. I do not know their lives and i won’t pretend to but i am definitely on her side as a strong woman. I admire her courage and strength to reveal parts of her life that i feel like she is finally opening up. I say this because we all unfortunately deal with fuck shit from men. She is speaking her truth and her courage is greatly respected by me.

She has always been one of my favorite personalities in music and fashion as well and to see her at her breaking point and so raw and candid is truly inspiring to me and I’m sure to other women out there are as well. I can relate in so many ways. Her words were important and very much needed.

I am still a fan of both of them and i honestly won’t let their personal lives and other peoples personal opinions get in the way of what i want to do as far as my taste in music, but we need to learn to see things for what they are. Stop letting people’s status in ‘Hollywood’ smudge your views of who they are behind closed doors.

But, i am on the fence and will contradict this because we are all human and we all go through shit. We all have reasons why we are the way we are whether good or bad. And its not to excuse anyone, I just know that i didn’t grow up with Nas or Kelis and cannot speak for how they grew up or what they’ve been through that has formed them into the people they are today. I do not know their story and neither can you. I observe and i listen.

I can’t hate people who i don’t know, I can’t bash people based on how they decide to live their lives and fight their battles because its their life and i have always been understanding and respectful of that about life in general. I am Empath.

But in closing, I believed every word Kelis and i stand with YOU. Thank you.


Continue being strong, fierce and fearless. Drive on baby.

P.S. This is a discussion table and i am open to discuss anything you feel about my statement. Leave me a comment below and we can 212.

Please as a reminder: Be respectful.

Thank You.