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Kanye West’s Paradoxical Mind

Ok so guys…I follow an amazing artist by the name of Adele Supreme. Besides her being the most controversial artists and respected women in my eyes, her mind never ceases to amaze me. Her thought provoking art is constantly having me at the edge of my seat and side eyeing what I think I know or understood about society while pulling up the obvious undertones. Amidst the Kanye West and Donald Trump situation, this is what she had to say on her Instagram story.

“So i wanna say something about the hoopla surrounding kanye west and his tweets regarding Trump. What i find most fascinating, is how much power people give Trump. You guys give this man so much power. Let me start by saying, there are a lot of things that trump says and does that i do not agree with, but i have no personal feelings about this man. I don’t know this nigga.

I believe our imaginations have the power to augment, amplify, exaggerate, create just about anything we choose. Each and every one of us perceives the outside world through a completely different set of lenses. Hence the quote, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Same goes with pain is in the eye of the beholder, joy.. sadness. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You know, what may make you cry, may make me laugh. So on and so fourth..we’re all experiencing this world differently.

The problem isn’t so much our perceptions, but its the expectation for everyone else to have perceptions that mirror ours. And when someone doesn’t harbor a point of view that resembles our own, we have a problem with it. It’s like you’re not agreeing with this world i have created my reality, how dare?

So most people have agreed, that hating Trump is apart of their reality. Trump is a monster. Thats a reality for most people. And anyone or anything that is associated with this monster, i will now harbor disdain and hate and resentment towards this thing or person. Lets take a moment to look at the power you’ve given this monster. You’ve given him the power to warp and augment your opinion of something you may of once actually really really liked. Now i don’t know about you, but i’ll be damned , if i will allow any mother fucker that i don’t personally know, to fuck up a good time for me…ok?

Nowadays, people spend little to absolutely no time trying to understand a human being and their thought process and why they feel the way they feel. They just immediately dismiss them if what they say or what they feel doesn’t line up with their expectations or beliefs.

I’ve always been an admirer of kanye and his artistry. And my initial reaction when i saw the tweets were.. ‘i wonder why he feels that way’, like i just became curious, y’know, and wanting to understand. Like people have become so utterly dismissive of one another, we’re losing patience of one another..primarily because the internet has taught us that we don’t need to have patience. I mean, we could have whatever we want right now.

I’m observing people get real prideful about their beliefs and their values. The thing about pride is that its so vulnerable to attack and its so visible. Its a rigid set of expectations, that only results in a brittle self esteem.

We’re baring witness in real time how polarizing popular opinion can be. Its like if you like the thing that most people don’t like, you’re hated…Like its crazy. I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER. This is gonna sound mad corny, but I’m a love supporter. I think Trump is fucking crazy. But i don’t hate this man, and I’m not gonna start hating Kanye because he’s expressed some love and admiration for Trump. Like if that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels. That ain’t got nothing to do with me.

It does seem as though that people are less prone to share an opinion or idea, if that opinion and or idea does not mirror that of the majority. And there is this cycle, its like the high school dynamic, y’ know. You wanna be with the in-crowd, you don”t wanna be the butt of the joke… like that one guy over there. And then you look at how social media has the power to bring entire businesses under, i mean holy shit, this is like some black mirror type swag you guys. I don’t think y’all understand. This is bigger than Trump and Kanye..

When i saw all these celebrities just un-following Kanye and some of them tweeting responses…and its like, that was a PR move like a mother fucker. These publicists and agents were like yo, disconnect from this motherfucker STAT. OK? Now UNPLUG, SHUT IT DOWN. WRAP IT UP. I think the example i remember is when the CEO of Uber was found out that he was a trump supporter, and like people stopped taking Uber. And all these companies were coming forth like, ‘WE DENOUNCE Uber, FUCK WITH US INSTEAD’

Folks gotta learn how to love man. Like the love out here is so weak…its so weak. All it takes is a difference in opinion for you to not fuck with someone completely. Thats so tired. Stop giving Trump so much control over your mind. And stop allowing him to influence so much of your opinions.

Kanye is not programmed, because he doesn’t have someone talking him off a ledge, or keeping him from saying whatever the fuck he wants, in an effort to preserve popular opinion of him. Imagine if everyone in the industry said what they truly truly felt..without fear of public scrutiny, y’all would be surprised as fuck.

You don’t have to agree with anyone. But always try your best to love them.


Follow her to see more of her talents.

Thank you for sharing you insight.



Kanye West. My favorite rapper of all time. He is my favorite because of his flow, his style, his cleverness, his mind and his production.. to name a few. He is ECLECTIC and always growing as an artist. He never fit into a box and he never followed a crowd, ever. Kanye isn’t afraid of risk and he is creating constantly. He is a raw maniac and a creative genius, i love him for it. His discography is immaculate, so he is well respected by me. I never cared for his Yeezy collection or his decisions in marriage etc. Basically, anything personal. It has always been about the music for me.

I always loved what he stood for but at the same time his personal thoughts and or beliefs have always worried me a little. People can change. I do not agree with him about some things and that’s okay with me. And that can mean i can disagree and be concerned with shit he says and speak on it. It means that I can be worried but at the same time not affected.

Y’all, Kanye has always been an asshole to me. He is a certified narcissist, he will support anyone who will change narrative in his favor. He is blunt, wild and triggering, like me. He is evolving. Again, he has changed…people change. And now he is being dismissed. Being dismissed because of change. Dismissed because of association. But he is himself no matter what, he is pure and transparent, never conforming to a norm or for anyone’s comfort and that can be a hard pill for society to swallow. Kanye is not programmed. His mind is his own and it is flawed. We all are.

But this is what i understand about humans… we didn’t all grow up in the same environment, with the same people or influences. We are different. I don’t idolize anyone, we are all equal. I am not a die hard blinded fan that will support an artist and defend them to the ends of the earth even though they are wrong. I don’t follow feminists, black power movements, hate groups, nothing. Thats not me. I form my own opinions and i can change them when i feel like it because i am not expected to stand by any specific cause… I am a humanist.

I don’t hate the people who have strong opinions of him either because its like you cannot be mad at people for feeling strongly about things that can directly effect them. Its touchy, these are touchy subjects. There are things that people are going through, it is disappointing, and how people choose to deal with their disappointment is up to them. I just know there are many ways to handle things. Its about the power of the mind. We are in this world together, and we have to cope either way. We are humans.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they are the way they are. For me to put energy into bashing people is just a waste of my time. Lately, its a trend to ‘cancel’ people. Do your research. Challenge yourself and your mind. Ask yourself exactly why and how you came to think the way you do. Are you thinking for yourself?

Spread Love. Have compassion, be understanding. Empathize.


Thanks for reading!

Again, this is a discussion table. We can discuss in the comments if you like.



Thoughts on Nas & Kelis

Before you read this, if you haven’t already. Watch Kelis’s full interview with Jason Lee via Hollywood Unlocked where she opens up about her past and current relationship with Nas, her son, her business ventures and more.

So, everyone knows how much i love Nas. He is and has always been one of my favorite MCs and music personalities. But, it is not until i heard Kelis’s interview about him that i realized that i do not know his personality. I was always intrigued by his mysterious persona and reserved attitude. He to me is a man who lives in the shadows and is humbly around. He was never an open book.

However, after hearing Kelis’s confessions of him, i am truly disappointed in him. I do not know their lives and i won’t pretend to but i am definitely on her side as a strong woman. I admire her courage and strength to reveal parts of her life that i feel like she is finally opening up. I say this because we all unfortunately deal with fuck shit from men. She is speaking her truth and her courage is greatly respected by me.

She has always been one of my favorite personalities in music and fashion as well and to see her at her breaking point and so raw and candid is truly inspiring to me and I’m sure to other women out there are as well. I can relate in so many ways. Her words were important and very much needed.

I am still a fan of both of them and i honestly won’t let their personal lives and other peoples personal opinions get in the way of what i want to do as far as my taste in music, but we need to learn to see things for what they are. Stop letting people’s status in ‘Hollywood’ smudge your views of who they are behind closed doors.

But, i am on the fence and will contradict this because we are all human and we all go through shit. We all have reasons why we are the way we are whether good or bad. And its not to excuse anyone, I just know that i didn’t grow up with Nas or Kelis and cannot speak for how they grew up or what they’ve been through that has formed them into the people they are today. I do not know their story and neither can you. I observe and i listen.

I can’t hate people who i don’t know, I can’t bash people based on how they decide to live their lives and fight their battles because its their life and i have always been understanding and respectful of that about life in general. I am Empath.

But in closing, I believed every word Kelis and i stand with YOU. Thank you.


Continue being strong, fierce and fearless. Drive on baby.

P.S. This is a discussion table and i am open to discuss anything you feel about my statement. Leave me a comment below and we can 212.

Please as a reminder: Be respectful.

Thank You.



A poem written by Cecile Emeke.

Performed by 6 beautiful black women.

I’m a little late in discovering this. But better late than never.

My appreciation of this message is very heavy.

Everybody should watch this and interpret it with care.


The thing is that these fake deep boys come up to you with their dreadlocs and beads on their necks and they spit game. They spit game about how you’re a Queen and that they want to cherish every inch of your being. But the catch is that they only want you because you’re real and seem ready. They’re not ready, they’re not real, their fake. And the idea of you excites them. They’re not ready for your reality. Because think about it, they really never have anything to offer. Nothing in their lives are really stable but they seek stability in a woman. As woman we want to be what a man needs, but we have to be careful because they must be what we need in return. Since they are still confused and unstable sometimes they consider us disposable, a toy to play with, a stepping stone to maturity. They play as though they are really Deep, but their deepness is stuck on the surface, as shallow as ever. They tell you they have no type but will list to you their requirements of a woman and make it seem like a must. They think the versatility of their past is gonna get them some ass. Be careful of men who describe their type to you and it is not what you are. Be careful of them trying to mold what they think as Natural on to you. Do not let them put you in a box, into a category. Be who you are. When they bring other women down to prop you up, it is not a compliment. Because you are natural in whatever state u feel the most comfortable in. Don’t let his use of big vocabulary distract you from the meaning behind his words. Those are just ways of getting you to “chill” , “relax” and “take it easy” while speaking your mind. Do not let the word Queen make you feel like one unless you are treated like one. Watch out for the ones who try to push their beliefs on to you and make you feel small when you don’t agree with them. Those that assume that when someone doesn’t agree with their position it means that person is incapable of understanding the artistic aspect of what they see or hear. Be aware of those who take but don’t give. Be aware of the FAKE DEEP.

This is my favorite line of the poem. Because i relate to it the most.

4:08 – 4:56

See he’s the kind of guy who will Instagram a picture of a lion or some other African mammal, hashtag # ‘ Every lion needs his lioness,’ meanwhile he has left a smoking hot trail of manipulated, exploited, and broken women with no address. Because females are disposable during your never ending period of immaturity i guess. His tools of manipulations have evolved, so new conditions are met. Same as the transition from slavery to the prison complex. His abuse and manipulation has merely gained new dress. Boys will be boys. the learned justification to excuse the reckless.

This video is not to bash our men. This video is to expose the fake and allow women to open their eyes to some things they might be blind to. This video is to maybe inspire a man in the making to be their real selves. This video is to also maybe open the eyes of a man who has done these things, to be better so we can rise together.

If you enjoyed this poem by Cecile Emeke and would like to see more click the icons below !


Travis Little





I encourage comments and opinions below. Thanks for watching ❤

Do my Faux Locs offend you?

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this for a while. Firstly, I’ll talk about my journey with faux locs.

I’ve been wearing faux locs on and off since around June 2014. I decided to put them in my hair because I personally have always wanted dread locs but was afraid of the commitment because I love my own hair. I’ve also decided to transition my hair. Before the faux dreadlocs, I relaxed my hair once or twice a year since I was about 16? (i know, dumb because I never needed one aka young and dumb) but when I FINALLY started to lose my natural curl pattern I got annoyed and decided to start my journey back. I’m a coward to the big chop for now because I’ve had long hair my whole life and I’m not ready to let go, plus I have the faux locs to distract that but eventually I will because I just think short hair would be great on me and compliment my bone structure.


Before this I had no idea that it was possible to wear locs that weren’t yours permanently. I saw it a couple times assumed they were wigs of some sort but then got curious and did my research. So I looked it up on the internet and found lots of pictures and ideas for inspiration (Queen Badu!) but couldn’t find someone who did them. Then one day I saw one of my high school friends (Angela!) with them in her pictures and asked her about them and how they worked. She did them herself and was willing to do mine for a small fee, so we set up a day and bam got them done.

First time she did them, they were half crocheted in the back with the faux locs that came in the pack and done individually in the front to save time because I had too much hair and it was easier. The second time she did them for me we did them all individual over my head. Since the second time putting in my faux locs i have learned how to put them in myself and done them myself, I have changed the colors, the lengths and the styles. My main purpose is for it to help me grow my hair out (My hair grows incredibly fast under them) and help it transition. It is one of the best protective styles, saves me a lot of money and not to mention it suits me very well. Since i started wearing faux locs I have done them 5 times in all and have straightened my hair twice.

I get a lot of great feedback on them. I get compliments all day long on them and how they fit me so well. Most of the people who see me think they’re my real hair because they match my hair texture and look very natural on me. Sometimes I explain that they aren’t mine if someone is curious enough. And sometimes I would just say thank you, take the compliment and keep moving. Some people also said I should loc my natural hair. I know one day for a fact I will… I’m just not ready right NOW. I know the journey and my hair texture would take forever to loc. But my faux locs look so believeable that some people get confused when I take them out for a break. But I kind of want to experience my full natural hair again and do some things with it first.

With positivity, negativity follows right? The negative feedback has come from people that have real dreads/real rastafarians or are intense natural-istas or maybe just haters? Some natural hair salon’s I’ve walked in are cool, fascinated, ask a lot of questions about them and want to learn to help clients. But others look at my hair and screw up their face, say they only do real locs not faux locs (never asked them btw) and say they won’t even touch them. In other instances people would hear or see other people talking to me about my hair complimenting me and chime in and comment saying “but your locs aren’t even real”

Well let me[ “But my bestfriend is black!” –white girl voice for a second lol!] I have Family and Friends who are Real Rasta’s and they big me up all the time and or make jokes about it. I know rastafarians that have cutt it off and started over numerous times. I also know bald rastas and rastafarians that have real dreads and want to try faux locs. But everyone is different. But my thing is. Dread locs are a representation of my culture, a representation of my roots. I’ve never wore a hairweave in my life (those two extra tracks I added at prom and took out 2 days later doesn’t count). These are my first extensions I have EVER put into my hair. The fact that I’m not walking around with a Brazilian or Malaysian weave or a hairstyle that doesn’t reflect ME makes me happy. Oh, there is nothing wrong with weaves I’m all for it if that’s your thing, if thats you, I would definitely wear one if I didn’t feel uncomfortable about how it feels on my scalp or needed one (yeah we know some girls don’t need em but wear em’ yada yada). MY POINT IS why be mad at the black woman who is mirroring black lion beauty? It’s a black hairstyle, it promotes natural. I’ve heard people talk crap about people who wear afro wigs and I don’t get it. If you don’t have it and you want it and that’s what makes you happy. Go get it. (I sound like a plastic surgeon)

I know it’s more than just a hairstyle but a way of life but it’s a simple admiration of that to me. Why should someone be mad at that? We see everyday people trending over the Muslim and Hindu cultural wear and looks. I like to represent my African and Indian roots too. Sometimes I do them all at once, my genes are eclectic… it’s really not my fault I grew up admiring both sides of me.


I just talked to my friend Roqui about it, a Muslim black female, she explained to me how people walk around in Hijab’s and head veils on the regular and it does not bother her. People also wear bindi’s, nose to ear jewelry and burqa’s for fashion purposes. These things are really traditional and sacred wear for some but what’s wrong with wearing an African print when you aren’t African? or a Dashiki etc ? That shouldn’t be a problem to me, especially in the world that we live in now. Do you find it offensive? Does my faux locs offend you?

Another thing on my mind. I get a lot of inquires about my faux locs either in person or on social media. That does not bother me. It’s usually a question about the endurance of obtaining them and who did them. They take FOREVER and yes I do them myself (with help sometimes, my hands get tired bro). But I do not do hair. I don’t have the patience for that personally. I will answer all of your questions about them. I sometimes even refer people to someone I know who does them but other than that I encourage people to do them themselves and look it up because of how much people charge to do them. I’ve been into the whole DIY movement lately, join me!

And I would like to end this with, like my girl India Arie would say

“I am not my hair! I am not the skin! I am the soul that lives within!”


Thanks for reading! Any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave them below!

Side Bar: Faux Locs hairstyles blog coming soon?!

“The Title” continued . . .

A continuation of “The Title”

Worse I ask, “Baby-girl, what you aspire to be?” She reply to me like, “why you perspiring me?” b**.. Pardon me if I’m sweating you but, I wanna see something else in you before I invest in you –Wale (The Ambitious Girl)

Im not tryna pressure you, just cant stop thinking bout’ you, you aint even really go to be my girlfriend, i just wanna know your name, and maybe sometime, we could hook up, we could hang out, we could just chill –Musiq Soulchild (Just Friends)

Its cool, we aint gotta be nothing, yea its true, i’d actually prefer it. –Jhene Aiko (It’s Cool)

All these song influences of the past and present represent a mindset people have been sporting lately, especially the new generation. It but also reflects the “situation-ship”  trend and fear.

Does a Title dictate your happiness?


Title Validation. I think people want titles so that they can validate the things they really want to do without them seeming pointless. If you want to do certain things with a person, being in a relationship with them makes it look better to others. It softens the blow and makes you feel better. But i’ve seen people jump from relationship to relationship and use it as an excuse like “but he was my boyfriend at the time so it didn’t matter.” Just because you get intimate and spend time with someone does not make them your man.

What is your definition of a boyfriend/girlfriend?

This is what society makes us. Your friends badger you with questions like ” Do you love him yet? ” and ” Are yall officially together now “, but it’s like what is the rush? You need to get to know somebody inside and out before you give them that type of access to you. There are going to be things you like and things you dislike about someone. This is where you observe, if you don’t like certain things about that person you can take it or leave it. You may not even have the same goals as them. Most people rush into relationships not knowing the other persons flaws until later on when its too late.


We give away our status like we’re filing out a freaking census.Untitleduikyugo

You are giving people access to your personal life and freedom to give you commentary on it. You let them all the way in. They know when you are happy, when you are sad. You vent online and display through posts what you are going through. People are either going to be obsessed with your relationship or hate on it. So everyone is invested in it, not just you guys. And if and when you do breakup, breaking up will be an embarrassment, everyone will notice and the breakup will be public.

Social Media Validation. A social media post does not validate shit in the real world. If social media didn’t exist, relationships would only be known to the naked eye. Outsiders would see you in public and make what they want of it. But, because we get consumed in social media we need to post our private lives on it to let others know we are taken before they get to know us. If she posted him on her social media account he’s her man or if he doesn’t post her he isn’t claiming her. These little things make conflict in WEAK relationships everyday. Yes you can make your partner relevant on social media but it does not dictate the importance of your relationship.

Just think about it. What if you started dating a woman that did not have any social media and just lived in the real world? Would it make you look at things different?


And don’t try to run with this and say oh i gotta get a girl with no social media and don’t think you gotta post less or not at all anymore. You just gotta get your insecurities and priorities straight. I get you all want respect online, you want your significant other to present themselves in a respective way online. You don’t want them to send certain smiley faces and flirt with others and the attention they get scares us, makes you jealous and insecure. But this is where you ask yourself why are you insecure and it forces you to be secure with yourself. In fact, what if that person got attention in person instead of online. Would that change your look of it?

This generation seems to not care if you show them off in public but online presence means everything. If you don’t post her as your WCW you don’t love her, if you don’t post him as your MCM you’re hiding it. We’re looking for the acceptance of the others instead of ourselves. I realize people can’t live for themselves and be independent if society doesn’t attach us to someone. If you don’t post anybody you’re LONELY, and if you post a different person every week, you “got the hoes” aka promiscuous.


Lots of celebrities and Hollywood relationships that are on display encourage you to aspire to be them, better yet aspire you to be in the lime light. We saw what happened to Chris Brown and Karrueche,Amber Rose and Wiz etc. Why did we see it? Because they display their lives openly, they let the world in. We get to form our opinions, we get to comment on their lives and on what we THINK we know about them. But what do we really know?

I just want to let you guys know this. Maintain your mystery, keep your personal life to a minimum. This is a tactic my mother taught me at a young age to keep people out of my business. “Keep em’ on a need to know” – Wale TAAN (The Need to Know ft. SZA) Think about what people NEED to know and what they don’t.

Think About it For real.

Comment below to share your thoughts, opinions, debates are all welcomed! 🙂

“The Title”

I wanted to share with you guys a post i came across on Twitter that put into a words a lot of things i have been thinking for a while and said it in a way i liked a lot. I did not write this and i have edited to remove words i thought were demeaning to women or just plain vulgar. But, i ask that you just read and pay attention to the main point of this rant and overlook the pin point on women, because i know it can be vice versa. P.S : If anyone knows the person who wrote this, please let me know.

Yes, this is long but it is definitely worth the read, i promise you that.

One of the biggest dilemmas a man will face is when a woman he does want on a real level, is only in it for the title. Is she in it for the boyfriend experience that she’s been raised to value? A lot of women don’t know how to be single, the need a title to make them feel whole. You don’t want to be a tool so a girl can post on IG ” Bae the best boyfriend ever, #Blessed.” Here you are, haven’t done shit but compliment her skirt and took her out to eat and she’s making it out to the world that you reinvented romance.

Check Facebook and you’ll see a sea of posts where women are bragging about getting regular treatment from guys, because its not about the man, it’s about how the rest of the world perceives them. ” I was sick and Bae bought me chicken soup. I’m so spoiled. When God sends you an Angel accept these blessing cus its rare.” That man is not an Angel and if you think microwaving some Campbell’s soup is being spoiled then you think putting $20 in your tank is being sponsored.

These things seem innocent but they speak volumes about the mindset of that woman. Why is she so eager to portray this image that she’s in a fantastic relationship when you’re still in the courting stage? No matter how bomb she looks or how bomb the sex is, you have to ask what her aim is for wanting to be your girlfriend so bad. You’ve known this girl for two weeks and she doesn’t even know you have two brothers. You’ve known this girl for a month, and instead of asking you about what lead to your messy break-up with your last girlfriend, she’s giving you ultimatums about being with her. Your entire relationship is flirting via text, eating and fucking. Yet here is this girl who you don’t have any real connection with being passive aggressive because you haven’t asked her to be official.

We know that pussy doesn’t create a bond. Hearing about a girl’s childhood doesn’t make us empathetic. You’re a glorified stranger until you dissect each others war stories. When a girl doesn’t know you enough to want you as a boyfriend, but is in it to rush to get the title. Its not about how great you are, it’s about how great her insecurity is. She’s in such a hurry to prove to the rest of the world that she can get a boyfriend that she forgets to learn who you are. You’re a dance partner who she calls her soul-mate, because she needs to be able to show her friends she’s loved, to boast to the internet that she’s taken, and to prove to her family that she can do better than her last guy.

No man with self-respect will be an accessory in this game of Where your man at?If she’s really right for you, she will understand that it’s not about talking to each other it’s about talking with each other. It’s not about favorite movies and where you work, its about learning real shit that makes you tick and why. Yes, you’re guarded and aren’t going to spill all your history, but you don’t want a girl that doesn’t even try. If all she’s going to do is sit across from you and giggle about the jokes you make, then why should you drop your guard? If all she’s going to bring to your life is sex and attitude, why lock it down when you can just keep doing the things you already do with no strings attached?

Placeholders are placeholders because in your gut you know she’s just like the rest of the girls you’ve already been with. What does she love about you? Your sex? Your jokes? Your feelings on the new Kendrick album? She ain’t talking about shit and you ain’t talking about shit, so the idea that she’s in love is fraud. If she cared about you, she would ask where you’re coming from before she asks where the two of you are going. The man she wants you to be may not be who you are, and if you blindly give her that title, can she even handle the flaws she ignored while title hunting?

Share your thoughts below on this, lets discuss it if you like. This topic stirred a lot of things in my mind, and there will be a follow up blog on a similar topic to this later this week soo.. STAY TUNED for “The Title Continued. . .”!